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Laser Surgery


We are proud to offer a state-of-the-art Cutting Edge Multiwave Locked System (MLS) laser, which is the most advanced laser therapy available for veterinary patients. This non-invasive, innovative therapy can be used alone or to supplement other treatment modalities.

How laser therapy works

MLS laser therapy uses light energy at specific wavelengths to cause physiological changes at the cellular level, which helps your pet by:

  • Stimulating cells to increase energy production, which accelerates the healing process

  • Increasing blood flow to the treated area, which improves the oxygen and nutrient supply and facilitates healing

  • Decreasing inflammation and chemicals that affect nerve conduction to alleviate pain

MLS laser therapy is especially effective for decreasing acute and chronic pain, and boasts 85% to 90% efficacy in pain and inflammation relief. In some pets, laser therapy’s analgesic effect eliminates the need for pain medications, which is particularly helpful for pets who are unable to take traditional pain medications.

Conditions that laser therapy benefits

Any condition that causes inflammation and/or pain can benefit from MLS laser therapy, including:


Intervertebral disc disease

Lick granulomas

Ear infections

Surgical and traumatic wounds

Tendon and ligament injuries

Hip dysplasia

What to expect during your pet’s laser therapy session

During laser therapy sessions, pets typically relax comfortably on a padded bed or blanket. The pet and everyone in the room must wear goggles, since the laser can damage unprotected eyes. The treatment is administered with a handheld laser wand that is moved over the affected area, and most pets relax and seem to enjoy the treatment. Your pet’s specific condition will dictate treatment length and frequency, which may be needed daily, weekly, or monthly.

Contact us today if you think your pet can benefit from MLS laser therapy, or if you have questions about this innovative treatment.