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Person touching heads with their dog

Pet Owners

Our Northfield Veterinary Center team goes above and beyond to ensure our pet patients and their owners are well cared for. In addition to providing exceptional veterinary care, including wellness care, emergency and urgent care, internal medicine, diagnostics, surgery, and much more, we also offer services you won’t find at other veterinary practices.

Fear Free Certified Visits

We understand that veterinary visits can be scary for pets, so our Fear Free certified team ensures your pet’s veterinary experience is as stress-free as possible. The Fear Free Certification Program teaches veterinary professionals to approach and handle pets using methods that minimize fear, anxiety, and stress.

Stress can interfere with successful veterinary visits, skewing exam results, preventing certain procedures, and causing long-term anxiety for your pet. In addition, many pet owners avoid taking their pets to the vet because they think their pet will be stressed. As a result, the pet doesn’t receive the veterinary care they need.

Differences you may notice at our Fear Free practice include:

We prevent pets from seeing other animals whenever possible.

We offer toys to help distract your pet and high-value treats to encourage them to cooperate with procedures.

We infuse species-specific pheromones into treatment rooms to help naturally calm your pet. 

We use odor-free disinfectants that won’t offend your pet’s strong sense of smell.

We keep our voices low so we don’t startle your pet.

Concierge services

Your life is hectic, and a veterinary visit, whether a wellness exam, sick pet visit, or emergency, can add to the craziness. Our team includes a General Practice Concierge and Client Care Coordinator to facilitate your veterinary visit and ensure your experience is as pleasant and easy as possible. These team members help by:

Helping you check in and settling you in the exam room

Keeping you informed about wait times, if applicable

Helping your pet choose their snack from our custom “Treat Menu”

Doing the heavy lifting to take prescription food to your vehicle

Filling prescriptions and ensuring they are ready for curbside pickup

Offering advice and guidance about pet insurance

Helping you sign up for puppy training classes

Meet & Greet visits

Pets can find veterinary visits stressful because the interactions involve pokes, prods, and unpleasant experiences. Therefore, we offer Meet & Greets to help your pet form a positive association with our Fear Free veterinary team. These visits allow our team to meet your pet without looking in their ears, administering vaccinations, or performing any other disagreeable procedure. When you schedule a complimentary Meet & Greet, we shower your pet with attention, belly rubs, ear and chin scratches, and of course, loads of treats to make them want to come visit us again.

Call us today to schedule your pet’s Fear Free Meet & Greet.